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Notice how pronouns have been used instead of nouns in the following sentences. Choosing the right pronoun pdf wayne community college. The first page is basically a grammar guide with rules and examples and the second page has two different exercises to practise in which students are asked to write a suitable personal pronoun subject or object in each gap and to correct sentences. May 15, 2012 boost your third graders pronoun savvy with an exercise in. Use the chart below and then study the example sentences chart. Then play the song for the students to check their work. You may want to put a list of pronouns above the song, as in worksheet 47a. Pronouns refer to nouns that have already been mentioned. Possessive pronouns level intermediate answer key my notes 1. Pronouns grammar exercises learning english englischhilfen. May 18, 2017 pronouns are words like he, him, his, she, her, i, me, we, us, they, them and it. This is an elementary worksheet about the demonstrative pronouns.

The english learning lounge free apps on both apple and android. Personal pronouns, possessives, relative pronouns, reflexive pronouns. English esl object pronouns worksheets most downloaded 76. You may find it useful at activation part of your teaching. Dec 27, 2018 subject pronouns worksheet, worksheets on pronouns, relative pronouns worksheet, reflexive pronoun worksheets, personal pronoun worksheets definitions and examples of grammar in english english grammar for teachers general english question and answer english interview quiz general english for tnpsc exams. Live worksheets english english as a second language esl subject and object pronouns subject and object pronouns interactive worksheets language. They showed us all they their ours holiday photos last night.

Personal, indefinite, possessive, relative pronouns. Subject object pronoun practice activity type reading, writing and listening activity language focus subject and object pronouns aim to complete and write sentences with subject and object pronouns. Personal pronouns elementary worksheet busy teacher. The pronouns they and them take the place of a noun anglers. Use the appropriate subject pronouns to rewrite the following sentences. Lots of people walk in the park where i jog every morning. There is a girl in my class whose family emigrated from india. Personal pronouns worksheet personal pronouns worksheets. Pronouns are nouns that can replace more formal ones, like the tree, my sister, or chattanooga, and they can come in superhandy. Tick the box, fill in the word, select from a drop down. Subject and object pronouns exercise english grammar. It is also important to learn possessive adjectives when learning these forms. Print the reference card, activity sheet and test for more practice.

Subject and object pronouns worksheets grades two and three. This worksheet was made for younger learners and deals with english subject and object pronouns. Practise your english grammar in the english classroom. Object pronouns great worksheets all subjects pink and. Joe, scott, and bob the waiter brought out three plates of food for them. English practice downloadable pdf grammar and vocabulary worksheets. Marks sister, who has just graduated, is getting married tomorrow. Pronoun antecedent agreement 1 exercise matching pronouns with their antecedent in writing can be confusing for some fourth graders, but these exercises were developed to aid in student understanding and retention. It contains an activity in which the language learners are asked to underline the best word possessives or object pronouns. If it is clear what the pronoun should be from the text, have the students work in pairs to provide missing pronouns. Make copies of song lyrics with the pronouns deleted. I bought my first car ten years ago, when i was a salesman. The subject and object pronoun exercise object pronouns singular plural she loves me she loves us she loves you she loves you she loves him she loves them she loves her she loves them she loves it she loves them replace all the nouns with pronouns. Preparation make one copy of the worksheet for each student.

Subject and object pronouns level intermediate answer key my notes 1. Subject and object pronouns grade 5 printables pronoun. The pronoun it is used for basic nouns whether they are the subject or the object. If we want to use a pronoun for the object of the sentence. Rc005 relative clauses combine the two sentences b1. Objective case pronouns are used when the pronoun is the noun direct object or noun indirect object of a verb or the object of apreposition.

Because we know that sarah is a girl, we can use the pronoun she and keep the same meaning she is tall. Person object pronouns singular object pronouns plural 1st speaking me us 2nd being spoken to you you 3rd being spoken about himherit them 1. In english grammar, a pronoun is a word that is used instead of the noun. Use an object pronoun as the object in each sentence based on the words in the brackets. Fill in the blanks below to complete the sentences. English esl object pronouns worksheets most downloaded. English exercise object pronouns created by bridg with the test builder. A pronoun is a word used in place of a noun or of more than one noun. Personal pronouns 1 exercise 2 3 pdf possessive pronouns exercise 1 2 3.

Exercises to reinforce grammar with these wordspronouns. English esl personal pronouns worksheets most downloaded. I, you, he she it, we, you, they subject pronouns details with examples and exercises. My aunt jane my brother and i wrote thank you letters to her. Pronouns subject, object, possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives pronouns include subject pronouns, object pronouns and possessive pronouns. Singular and plural object pronouns, me, you, him, her, it, us, you, and them as direct objects, indirect objects, and objects of prepositions. Level elementary time 25 minutes 2017 permission granted to reproduce for classroom use. Object pronouns pronoun worksheets mckeel elementary academy. Worksheets are divided into b1 intermediate b1 and b2. Types and definitions from warriners english grammar and composition, complete course 1982 i. Object pronouns exercise english practice learn and. It consists of four different exercises 8,151 downloads. Play our grammar games and have fun while you learn. Pronouns for elementary level students learn english.

English grammar exercises online with answers pdf on this page you will find various free grammar worksheets of increasing difficulty that can be completed directly online, or at home theyll help you to put into practice all the key notions of the english grammar previously shown in the grammar lessons part of the website, and if you are a beginner you can use them to familiarize. Reflexive pronouns exercise myself i cut myself ourselves we did it ourselves yourself help yourself yourselves help yourselves. Grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening and much more. Pronouns exercises pronouns english grammar exercises. Beginner grammar object pronouns multiple choice esl. Work with all different kinds of pronouns, from possessive to relative to reflexive, using these pronoun exercises developed by the experts at. There are 3 printables which are geared towards grades two and three. Rewarding pdf subject and object pronoun esl activities, games, and. Object pronouns activity type reading, writing and speaking activity language focus object pronouns aim to complete sentences with object pronouns. Personal pronouns, possessive determiners, possessive pronouns in english.

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