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Masonic kung fu is freemasonry and chinese kung fu secrets of. Two chinese teenagers rescue a british freemason naval. Since 1999, american zen fans of all ages have been following richard s buddhist odyssey through the bands albums, books, and albums at. The book, kung fu cowboy original draft, is a handwritten rough draft of the book that will hopefully be finished, but was transformed into the life story of king solomon instead of richard s autobiography in kung fu cowboy part 1. Coyote plays all the instruments and writes and sings all the songs to create an album to surpass sgt. The masonic book of constitutions guarded by the tylers sword. Ive always been curious as to what it all meant and i think this book gives a good quick understanding to someone like myself who may want to join in the future,or just shed a little more light on freemasonry for those who are interested. Richard del connor has been publishing poetry since 1964, performing rocknroll since 1967, producing his own albums of music and recited poetry since 1972, and writing novels since 1984. Books and websites and published by shaolin communications.

Smashwords about richard del connor, author of tai chi. These are the books for those you who looking for to read the masonic kung fu book 1, try to read or download pdfepub books and some of authors may have disable the live reading. This book features the origin, forms, fighting techniques and applications of the unique southern shaolin style of choi mok kuen. Cds, books, and albums produced by dicky dare, richard del connor, for shaolin records available here. Entered apprentice by richard del connor 2014, paperback at the. Enlightenment begins with peace of mind folk rock album by. Discography of dickie dare dicky dare richard connor. Too bad they didnt realize wing had a visitor from hong kong his eurasian nephew, mace, who was a kung fu. In 2009, richard del connor received his 3rd degree in freemasonry making him a master mason. Masonic kung fu book 1 kindle edition by richard del. Richard del connor is the author of 4 decades of love 5. Rich connor is another webpage of richard del connor, founder and record. Platos philosophy is at the core of modern freemasonry.

Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Shaolin tenanimal is a famous set in southern shaolin kung fu. Officers present give the name of each officer, designating those temporarily filling any chair by the word as between the name and the office. This book, masonic kung fu book 1 is based upon true incidents and the masonic kung fu dance discovered by richard del connor on june 9, 2009 after he became a 3rd degree master mason. Jan 24, 2018 the fundamental philosophic secrets within masonry download book the meaning of masonry wilmshurst download book the pocket history of freemasonry download book the world of freemasonry download book chronological history of freemasonry dec 2017 download book the early masonic catechisms by ha. Rich connor is richard connor, record producer and buddhist. Unfortunately, most masons, are just normal people from level 1 and. Richard produces the albums of american zen and buddha zhen. The books are full text and readable online free of charge. Weve been selling comics since 1961 our first sale. Founded 1984 by shifu richard del connor, shaolin communications. Which brings me to my newest book, masonic kung fu, by richard del connor. Richard del connor, the hippy coyote written 1970s. During the 1990s, richard s booking agent promoted him as, the best flutist in utah.

We want you to check with us before purchasing any kung fu books or martial arts books, as well as any martial arts gear so you get the best quality and best deal possible on kung fu related books and gear. The tragic consequences of violating gods plan, playing with fire, psychic healing, and one world. View richard del connors profile on linkedin, the worlds largest professional. The masonic kung fu book 1 novel about teenagers in china, harboring a british freemason as. Based upon true incidents and the masonic kung fu dance discovered by richard del connor on june 9, 2009 after he became a 3rd degree master mason. Publish shaolin kung fu initiate book by buddha zhen 1996. Masonic kung fu book 1 novel by richard del connor about. Entered apprentice by richard del connor 2014, paperback at the best online prices at ebay. My grandfather was a master mason,but he died when i was young,so i never got to discuss freemasonry with him.

Richard del connor producer writer actor shaolin pictures. These novels, poetry books, tai chi manuals, and kung fu instruction books are released through shaolin communications, also owned by richard del connor. Classic rock, folk rock, shaolin kung fu, poetry, and tai chi since. This book is based on some of the information richard uncovered researching this kung fu and other true stories he discovered. Here you will find books that are part of this website. Entered apprentice volume 1 by richard del connor, buddha zhen.

Richard del connor writes music, poetry, novels, and martial arts manuals under a. The secrets and ceremonies of masonry and shaolin kung fu are revealed in this book written by a shaolin kung fu master who is also a master mason. In 2009, richard del connor received his 3rd degree in freemasonry making. Posted in aikido, boxing, free martial arts books, karate, karate books, kung fu books, martial arts books, taekwondo. Masonic books that are located in someone elses website. Entered apprentice volume 1 by richard del connor, shen lang zhen, et al. For decades, buddha zhen has been saying to his students and frie. This book was originally a notebook created for a freemasonry fundraiser in 2009. In 1938, chinese were not allowed to submit applications to become freemasons. Official buddha kung fu books for buddhas of shaolin zen. Masonic kung fu book 1 kindle edition by richard del connor, the hippy coyote. The art of shaolin kung fu is the ultimate guide to kung fu, from theory to practical application.

There are many themes that are adopted in emulation ritual from platos writings. Kung fu, chinas martial arts legacy, stretches from the distant past of the shaolin temple to the strife torn decades of the 20th century, and into the new. Book depository books with free delivery worldwide. Richard connor was known as richard o connor from 1980 to 2007 after seeking to define his betrothal to rita wolf by identifying himself with his irish heritage. Chinese teenage heroes, a british freemason, and an invading army of japanese infantry. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. While this is an extensive collection, it by no means represents a full and complete list and new editions and materials will be added as time progresses.

Discography of richard del connor includes novels, poetry books, and. Kung fu by chang lee abebooks abebooks shop for books. Also performing, composing, authoring books, novels, poetry, music, soundtracks, and photography as richard o connor, the hippy coyote, buddha zhen, and richard connor. Discography of richard del connor, founder, record producer of. This unique martial arts book, by a renowned grandmaster, is a complete and comprehensive introduction to kung fu and all other aspects of ancient shaolin wisdom. Masonic kung fu book 1 on june 9, 2009, richard del connor, the hippy coyote was practicing his lian bu or ling po kung fu form. Level 4 kung fu cowboy album by american zen is 18 tracks recorded in the cv park gymnasium. Shaolin records special events and record release parties. Many of the techniques are unique and phenomenal, such as the snake sliding on the water, wind and thunder hands, puzzling steps.

The author has isolated them and provided evidence of these. Richard del connor is the founder record producer of shaolin records in 1984. Then begins the practical part of the book with the foundation of shaolin kung fu. Here you learn about different hand forms, stances and basic patterns. At the beginning is the overview of historical development of kung fu and different kung fu styles, then some suggestions and tips for getting more out of your practice in the shorter time. Books for students of buddha kung fu, shaolin chi mantis, tai chi youth and. Masonic books herein are an assortment of masonic book recommendations, books about freemasonry, texts about its kindred sciences and materials about or relating to fraternity.

Record release parties, concerts, and book signings, may all be listed here as coyote travels around california and arizona. Ho li wing and his fishing vessel dragonwind were picked. A big score of h on the high seas but the san francisco mafia needed a respectable boat to make the transfer. Rich connor is another webpage of richard del connor, founder and record producer of shaolin records. Browse the amazon editors picks for the best books of 2019, featuring our favorite. Buddha kung fu is shooting 66 videos to teach tai chi and shaolin kung fu. Richard s discography includes the albums of american zen and buddha zhen. Sep 02, 2015 5 musthave martial art books for every aspiring kungfu artist. Masonic kung fu book 1 tells the fictional story of two chinese teens. Books by american zens the hippy coyote, richard del connor. Non masonic books located at this site although it can be utilized as reference as it has to do informally with masonry. Impatient for enough research to write the true story of this masonic kung fu, richard del connor decided to write this novel during his research of the british freemasons, probably responsible for transmitting these masonic secrets to a chinese kung fu master.

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